Swansea University’s ‘Research Integrity: A Policy Framework on Research Ethics and Governance‘ was adopted by the University Senate in September 2015. The document describes the institutional expectations regarding research ethics and governance and includes a policy on Research Data Management (p.52-54, Section J). The document states:

“The University promotes the highest standards in the management of research data and records as fundamental to both high quality research and academic integrity.” 

And that

“Researchers should keep clear and accurate records of their research. This includes procedures, protocols, approvals, sources used and results obtained, giving due consideration to the requirements of anonymity and confidentiality”

Funder Requirements
Funders have differing requirements about the length of plans and what should be included so it is important that you check what they expect.

AHRC – they refer to a technical plan rather than a data management plan but the considerations are essentially the same.
Science & Technology Facilities Council
Cancer Research UK
Wellcome Trust
Europe – Horizon 2020
National Institute of Health (US)
Mark Hahnel’s list of Global Funders who require data archiving as a condition of grants


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